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Pet-Cleaning Tips the Pros Use (Part 1)
When we think about healthy pets we must first think about the health of our homes. As a rule of thumb, when you’re searching for cleaning products, you should be checking labels for the following harmful chemicals: phenols, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, phthalates, bleach and perchloroethylene.

These chemicals are noxious, skin-irritant and allergy-irritant. If you wouldn’t want to be in close contact with them on a daily basis, then imagine how your pets feel. Here are some brands and products to help you make the best decision the next time you find yourself shopping for cleaning supplies.
The Big Brands
There are three major cleaning brands that we trust  for creating healthy homes for your pets. These brands are healthy pet friendly, eco-friendly, and great for promoting healthy pet environments. These brands are:
– Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day: Mrs. Meyer’s is known for making high-quality cleaning products with an element of gentleness. Their products, particularly their lavender items, are very low-odor and not as aggressive on pets’ noses. You can expect your pet’s allergy issues (and yours) to ease up with the use of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day lavender collection. This brand is also eco-friendly and doesn’t test on animals, either. It’s a win-win!
– Method: Method is a proud, eco-friendly brand that happily posts their mission statement on their website: “Happy homes safe for people, pets and planet.” If you’re looking for a brand of cleaning products that is safe for your pet, and also focuses on sustainability (even their cleaning product packaging is eco-friendly), then Method is the brand for you. Method often gets rave reviews on eco-friendly cleaning product websites, and they are worth trying out. They might just become a lifetime favorite.
– Seventh Generation: Most people have heard of this eco-friendly natural brand, and for good reason: Seventh Generation is dedicated to making household products safe and healthy for your pet— as well as you and the planet. Most of their products, especially their Free and Clear products, are dye-free, synthetic scent-free and fume-free … all things that might irritate or harm your pet.
While the above brands are safe for your pets, there are myriad others that are not. Here are a few cleaning products that are not pet safe, according to
– Floor Cleaners: These include Pine Sol and Mr. Clean. Even if you manage to get all of the residue off the floor, the vapors linger and are dangerous to your pet. Try a non-toxic, pet safe cleaner instead.
– Bathroom Cleaners: These include Clorox Bathroom Cleaner and Scrubbing Bubbles. Try a product such as Ecover Bathroom Cleaner instead. Never use a continuous toilet bowl cleaner such as Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It is very dangerous and the temptation to drink out of the toilet is a quirk in many of our pups.
– All Purpose Cleaners: For use in the kitchen and around the house, the most common toxic all-purpose cleaners that scream “Danger!” are Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Spray and Formula 409.
– Drain Openers: You may think that since this product is poured down the drain, it can’t be harmful to your pet. But the toxic drain openers give off dangerous fumes long after you’ve emptied them. For a non-toxic, pet safe option, try a product such as Earth Friendly Enzymes Drain Opener.
– Glass Cleaner: It may seem that toxic glass cleaners are simpler products and are, therefore, safe but they are not. Instead of something like Windex, try a product such as Nature Clean Window and Glass Cleaner.
Look for part two of this blog healthy pets-cleaning series, where we will be discussing more healthy pets cleaning products! While you’re at it, learn more about our services.

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