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Spring Cleaning – Tips for Making it Fun and Effective
Spring cleaning is back! As your sinuses attempt to judo chop a sea of pollen, it’s time to break out your chore clothes and conduct your annual cleaning chores.

If you’re like most people, you might dread the idea of boxing up your winter clothes, breaking out your broom, and spending the day cleaning every nook and cranny in your home … but it doesn’t have to be a frightening experience!
In fact, you can make your spring cleaning fun, safeeffective and environmentally friendly. As you roll your sleeves up and prepare to get a little dirty, consider these easy-to-follow steps for turning this time of year into a treat.
Keep your cash. Traditionally, spring is the season for scrubbing your tile and sweeping your floors; however, it’s also a great time to clean up your “financial home.” Before you go shopping for cleaning supplies, consider using natural products. For example, did you know that vinegar cleans almost as well as all-purpose cleaners? Or that lemon juice can be used to get rid of soap scum and shine brass or copper? While most people reach for the high-priced cleaning brands, see what’s already in your cupboard. You might just save some money, which is always fun!
Save the earth. If you still need to go to the store for supplies, be thoughtful about the type of products you intend to purchase. Believe it or not, most cleaning products have harmful chemicals that can impact your family’s health, which is never fun. Consider visiting the National Library of Medicine’s Household Products Database, which lists more than 7,000 product brands and details the chemicals in each. You’ll get more joy out of cleaning knowing you’re doing yourself, your family and the earth a favor by using ecologically responsible products.
Pay it forward. As you prepare to pack away your bulky winter clothes, ask yourself when you last wore them, and see if they still fit. Spring cleaning affords you an opportunity to donate your unwanted clothes to those in need. Whether it’s Goodwill or your local homeless shelter, use this time of cleaning to give back so others can get ahead. Not only will you make room in your closet for the new season, but you’ll have done a good deed in the process.
Listen to music. It may sound simple, but putting on your favorite record, raising the volume of a local radio station or jamming to your iPhone music library will make cleaning seem less like a chore and more like a musical break. Here’s a time-killing tip: Play your favorite album, start from the beginning as you begin to clean, and by the time you’ve reached the last song, you’ll most likely be done with your spring cleaning!
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are countless ways you can inject a little fun into your chores as you make your home safe and spotless. However you decide to make this time of year a little more exciting, remember to invest thoughtfully in the experience so you can keep your family and pets safe. Whether you’re using microfibers to clean your home—removing 99% more dust and dirt—or you’re scrubbing your walls, using chemical-free products will go a long way toward creating a healthy home. And a healthy home is a happy home.
You don’t just get a cleaner home. You get a better life. We’re Green Maids. If you’re a first-time customer and would like to book a cleaning, contact us and be sure to use the promo code: GOGREEN.