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Keeping Your Newborn Safe as You Clean

Raising a newborn can be tough, not to mention a little hectic as you attempt to navigate the other areas of your life—from work and school, to your social life and marriage—while keeping your house in order. Indeed, parents of newborns have a serious adjustment when it comes to housekeeping and balancing life, but as you’re gonna find out, it is something parents have been grappling with for ages.

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Cleaning my space

Family Health, Safe Cleaning

Cleaning My Space is Where Good Health Starts

“Cleaning My Space” (your home) may seem like just another chore to do every Sunday—in between watching football and weekly food prep—but did you know that cleaning your living space can positively contribute to your overall health and wellbeing?
Studies have shown that “cleaning my space” regularly is good for your emotional, mental and physical health. In fact, a recent study led by NiCole R. Keith, a research scientist and professor at Indiana University, reveals that people who have cleaner houses are healthier than people with messy ones, and those who kept their homes clean were more active than those who didn’t. Who knew that house cleanliness is a predictor of physical health?
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cleaning services in New York

Pet Safety

The Correct Cleaning Services in New York Can Make Huge Difference for your Pet’s Health

Cleaning services in New York city can do wonders for you home, but what about your pets? Every pet owner knows that cleaning after your beloved animals can be a painful chore, but did you know that most cleaning services in New York use toxic cleaning supplies can be harmful for your pets? According to the Pet Poison Helpline, household cleaning products rank as the sixth most toxic items for dogs. That’s something to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a cleaning service in New York.

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