Choosing professional cleaning services for your home

Professional cleaning services in you living room

How to choose a cleaning company for your home
It’s that time of year again! Time to comb through your taxes, claim your deductions and cross your fingers (and toes) that you’ll get a hefty chunk of money back in return. The only question is: How do you plan on spending the additional income? If you’re anything like me, you’ll waste it on dress shirts you tell yourself you’ll wear one day (but never do). But I digress with all this dress talk, let’s discuss some of the benefits of professional cleaning services.

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Can you save money using professional cleaning services?
If you find yourself with an unexpected windfall this tax season, consider applying those extra greenbacks towards professional home cleaning services. Or, if you’re one of the unlucky people who wind up owing money to Uncle Sam, consider stretching your hard-earned money by utilizing a professional cleaning crew. I know this sounds a little counter intuitive, but hear me out. The benefits of hiring professional cleaning services far outweigh the financial costs of hiring these services. The key is to identify a cleaning crew that are experts at what they do. The crew should be efficient in their approach to cleaning your home. They should have a methodology for cleaning (by methodology I mean they should have an overarching approach for beginning, doing and completing their work).

Moreover, your cleaning team should be so effective that when they’re finished your home should feel like a crisp winter morning. Finally, your crew should be informed about the products they are using in your home. In fact, if you have hired a cleaner for your home, you should demand that he/she only use green and organic products. This will create create a home that is cleaner, healthier and happier for you and your family. (To learn more more about creating healthy and happy homes use the links in this sentence).

7 Tips for selecting a professional cleaning service
It’s not an easy task identifying and selecting a professional cleaning crew that will meet the specific needs of your home. But when you do, your life at home will click so much more seamlessly. The extra time you get to spend with the kids on the weekend, the extra two hours you get to watch a movie with a spouse or loved one, or the extra time you have to give that project at work – it all makes a difference. And that’s the value of a really good professional cleaning service. They create extra time for you to be a better you in every part of your life. Here are some tips to consider before you select a professional cleaning services:

    1. Look for the certification: Don’t be bamboozled by companies who claim to be “certified” for green cleaning. Before you hire a professional cleaning service, find out what their certification process is. This will empower you to make informed decisions about your targeted cleaning service providers. It will also allow you to inquire about any training they may provide to their staff. Here’s a quick tip: Look for Green Business Bureau certification, which offers established criteria for professional green-cleaning companies.
    2. Don’t automatically believe the hype: Saying you’re an environmentally friendly company is one thing, but being one is something altogether different. To find out if your chosen cleaning crew is, ask them to provide their material safety data sheets.
    3. All cleaning professionals are required by OSHA to have this information on hand for the products they use. Do the products your cleaning crew use contain harmful toxins (like phthalates) or dangerous chemicals (like chlorine)? If so, move on.
    4. When in doubt, check the ingredient yourself: Always check the ingredients of the cleaning products being used in your home, even if they’re labeled as “non-toxic” or “environmentally safe.” You’d be surprised to learn that in a lot major brands, there are more toxins than you can count. And that could spell danger for your health and that of your loved ones, especially when you request professional deep cleaning services.
    5. Keep your family and home safe: Make it a point to hire a company that is bonded and insured. It will give you peace of mind should anything go awry. It should also give you confidence that the company takes their work-and your health and your safefy-seriously.
    6. Ask questions to be sure: If you’re unsure whether your cleaning company is legitimate or not, visit their website and scour their testimonials. Better yet, give them a call and talk to a customer service associate. You’ll want to learn as much as possible about their methodology and commitment to cleaning using best practices before you fork over your cash.
    7. Use Google and search for “Professional cleaning services near me”: This is the quickest way to identify and research professional home cleanings services that service your immediate area. Here are some quick links for you simplify your searches:
      • Professional cleaning services NJ – click here
      • Professional cleaning services NY – click here


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    Professional cleaning services costs

    Saving money with professional cleaning services

    The interesting thing about the costs of cleaning services is that the laws of supply and demand don’t always apply. There a bunch of factors that create this dynamic model, but that’s a topic for another article. In this article, I want to focus on some key factors:

    • As Americans we are all working more
    • The time we have at home is significantly less than our parents

    So, it’s safe to assume the demand for cleanings services are at all-time highs. Furthermore, if the laws of supply and demand were at work you should expect customers to pay premiums for cleaning services to go above and beyond. However, this doesn’t translate in the real world. Yes, even if there is a healthy supply of service providers in vibrant and bustling market, the price customers expect to pay for cleaning services fall below the price target price of the service provider (many service providers are forced to create promotions and pricing schemes that will encourage engagement from consumers. In this way, the consumer has the leverage and can therefore create an ideal environment where quality meets price.

    Pricing for cleaning services range in can vary depending on where you live and type of cleaning service you hire. Estimated Prices for Cleaning Services (based on rates in NYC 2018 – rates will vary by market):

    • Professional Cleaning Service Providers $23 /hr – $45 /hr
    • Independent Contractors $15 /hr – $30 /hr
    • Hired Maid Services $24/hr – $45 /hr

    Again, these prices are estimates and will vary depending on the service provider you are talking to, the market you live, and the type of service provide you select (see above list).


    Type of professional cleaning services:

    Professional Cleaning Services – these are companies that provide professional level service with the assurance of insurance, and documented workers. These companies tend to focus on building long term, trusted relationship with their customers.

    Independent Contractors – a significant amount of these workers are undocumented migrants that will work below market rates, however, there is an increased possibility of crime, and potential barriers of communication.

    Hired Maids – these services are called on demand, and when you are in pinch they can provide some serious assistance. However, they business model is based on providing a team for a last minute crunch. While some of them may provide longer term services to some customers, this is not a key function of their business.

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    Selecting professional cleaning and maintenance services

    Selecting professional cleaning and maintenance services
    If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning service to clean your office many of some of the principles I’ve outlined above apply, but there are others topics that I have not discussed. Here are some basic concepts to keep in mind when reviewing commercial cleaning services:

    • What services does the company provide?
    • Does the company have a website and online presence?
    • Can you find reviews about the company? Are they positive?
    • Does the company have any reference accounts?
    • What is the cost for services provided by the identified company

    If you’re looking for a professional clean service try the links below:

    • Matrix Cleaning Services – Office cleaning services
    • General Commercial Cleaners – click here
    • Cleaning and maintenance services – click here
    • Professional office cleaning services – click here

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    Look, I get it. It’s not easy selecting a professional cleaning service for your home or your office, but selecting the best service for your needs will make a huge difference for you an your family. Ultimately, your choice will boil down to the kind of services you need, your target price point, the reputation of the identified cleaning provider and the kind of employees hired by your cleaning service.

    When pricing is important, you will likely seek out the assistance of an independent contractor-they tend to be more affordable but they have several challenges–including working status, safety and security. If you are a consumer that wants higher end quality, building long-term relationships with providers that emphasize service is going to be more importance than price. So, you are probably going to be happier with a professional cleaning service. Finally, if you are in a pinch and looking for a last minute service, you will probably seek our Maid for hire service.

    The important thing to remember is that there isn’t one solution for all homes. Instead, each customer should look to fill the needs of his / her home with the ideal service. Pricing, and quality are the two key factors that will likely impact your decision most. So use these tools as your guiding light. Believe me you will be on your way to a happier and cleaner home in no time.

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